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We kick off January 15, 2018

At last, a plan for busy, successful women who are ready to permanently lose the weight!
We’ve compiled the quickest, easiest resources for you to jumpstart your weight-loss in a way that fits into your busy, dynamic lifestyle.

You’ll also get to choose from more than 20 free gifts and exercises contributed by the best experts in fitness, wellness, nutrition and the success mindset!


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Don’t miss this exclusive event. We get it! Whether you are running a business or a household (or both!), holding positions of influence, or traveling around the world, it’s tough to fit in diet and exercise. Our speakers are revealing the truth about what it takes to get the body you want, even while you are juggling work, family and LIFE!

No fluff, no impossible expectations, no unrealistic sacrifice.
This is real weight-loss for modern women!

It all starts on January 15, 2018 so hop in now!

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Carolyn's Story

“You will not find more of a heart, soul and commitment out of a weight loss coach than Lisa Goldenthal. I’m a busy working mom of four children and was really out of shape. I stuck to Lisa’s exercise routine, eating habits she recommended and have lost the 20 pounds that I was carrying around for years. Her patience and kindness is unmatched to any other and she knows her field of expertise! Lisa is the real deal that cares about her clients!”

Sheldon's Story

“I’ve been working out with Lisa for about 7 years now, twice a week. She’s made getting in shape and staying in shape enough fun for me to stay with it after being a couch potato my whole adult life. My overall fitness level feels better than I thought it ever would again — I haven’t been in this shape since I was seventeen. About a year ago I went through a pretty serious illness, and I’m certain that being in the shape Lisa has gotten me into had a lot to do with my handling it well and recovering quickly. We’ve recently made a pact that she’ll continue to train me for the next 40 years.”



Lisa G

Personal Trainer, Weight Loss & Fitness Expert
As a weight loss and transformational coach, women hire me to lose weight but end up achieving unstoppable confidence. The way that I help them do this is to have them deeply connect to their why. I make sure with accountability, and mindset training that on a daily basis they they do what they need to do to achieve their goals.